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Greenies dental treats - greenies chews - what are they?

Where do they come from?

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Greenies Dental Chews

Developed in the late 1990’s, Greenies® is a dog chew treat formulated to control dental tartar and plaque, and formulated to taste great while reducing bad breath. Greenies® are the original green smart treat®.

greenies dental treats

All about greenies treats

All about greenies chew treats


What are Greenies?
What are Greenies made from?
What are Greenies feeding guidelines?

Are there any dangers in Greenies chew products?

What are Greenies?
  Greenies are a brand of green, toothbrush-shaped dog treats developed to keep dogs' teeth and gums healthy and control "doggie breath." Dogs have to do a lot of chewing to get through one of the biscuits, which helps to keep their teeth clean and control tartar, and the ingredients are touted as providing better nutrition and bad breath control than other alternatives.

What are Greenies made from?

  Greenies are made from processed wheat gluten (wheat protein), glycerin, natural flavor, powdered cellulose fiber, monosodium phosphate, monoglycerides of edible fatty acid, magnesium stearate and chlorophyll.
What are Greenies feeding guidelines?

* Greenies® Jumbo for dogs over 100 lbs/45 kg
* Greenies® Large for dogs 50 to 100 lbs/22-45 kg
* Greenies® Regular for dogs 25 to 50 lbs/11-22 kg
* Greenies® Petite for dogs 15 to 25 lbs/7-11 kg
* Greenies® Teenie™ for dogs 5 to 15 lbs/2-7 kg
* Lil’Bits™* for toy breed dogs under 5 pounds, puppies less than 6 months old or dogs that “gulp.” Lil’ Bits™ can also be used as a training treat or to encourage consumption of dog food (sprinkle it on their food) for dogs that refuse to eat.

Greenies® is recommended for dogs over six (6) months of age and over five (5) pounds (Greenies® Lil’Bits™ are ideally suited for toy breeds, puppies and dogs known to “gulp” their food). Feed the correct size Greenies® for your dog’s weight, as indicated above, one to two times daily as a treat. Greenies® are not intended to be complete and balanced and therefore should not exceed 25% of your dog’s daily diet. A greenish color in the dog’s stool is a normal and harmless result of consuming chlorophyll.

Are there any dangers in Greenies chew products?

Greenies have come under fire from consumers and some veterinarians, many of whom say they have performed surgery on dogs — including some who didn't survive — to remove chunks of Greenies treat from the esophagus and digestive tract.

" A number of different pet products — from teeth-cleaning chews to doggie biscuits to chew toys — can potentially injure or sicken dogs under certain conditions and circumstances; we don't yet have enough information to know whether Greenies pose a greater than normal danger to dogs under ordinary use than other similar products, or whether we're just seeing a confluence of exceptional anecdotal reports. "

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