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Cow Hooves for dogs - bully sticks - "body parts" - what are they?

Where do they come from?

How are they made?

Chew treats from cow parts

Dogs are carnivorous creatures. In the wild, they would consume entire animals, including skin and bone. The pet treat industry is well aware of this fact and capitalizes on it by selling animal by-products for our pet companions.

The pet treat industry labels non-rawhide cattle and pork products as "body parts." There's a wide variety of body parts available - - -

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Cattle Parts

Cattle Parts Cautions


Cattle Parts

Bully sticks / Pizzle Sticks - Bully Sticks are 100% bull penises. Not a tendon and not processed meat strips, bully sticks are dried, lightly smoked or natural flavor.

Tripe - Green tripe is the edible lining and accompanying content of a cow or other ruminant's first or second division of the stomach. Paunch tripe comes from the large first stomach division and honeycomb tripe comes from the second division.

Other popular bone chews - beef kneecaps, beef knuckles, beef femurs, beef center shank bones, ox tails, shin bones.

Other popular body parts chews - beef esophagus, beef tendons, beef tracheas, cow ears, cow hooves.


Cattle Parts Cautions

We strongly DISCOURAGE the use of cattle bones and by-products as chew treats for our pet companions for the following reasons:

# These are "messy" treats. The darker, smoked varieties can stain carpeting and furniture.

# Bones and hooves have been known to crack and splinter when dropped.

# Cow hooves are so hard; they can actually break your dog’s teeth. Sharp, uneven pieces from the cow hoof can be swallowed and tear the wall of the bowel.

# Aggressive chewers can actually cause bones to splinter, with splinters getting stuck in the gums or worse yet ingested.

# "Meaty bones" actually have pieces of meat still attached to the bone. If improperly cured, these can contain harmful bacteria. The most dangerous parasite in raw meat is toxoplasmosis. It can kill your dog.


Most bones are dangerous treats to give to dogs. Turkey, chicken, pork, and beef rib or steak bones are the worst. These bones are all easily chewed into sharp splinters that can lodge in the GI tract and may cause esophageal or intestinal lacerations, partial or complete obstructions, or even perforations with subsequent life-threatening peritonitis.


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